Free Small Business Training in Belcourt and Bismarck

Native American Development Corporation PTAC presents FREE Small Business Training

9/26/13 – Turtle Mountain Reservation, Belcourt, ND

9/27/13 – United Tribes Technical College, Bismarck, ND


Please join us for an excellent – and free – small business training workshop with Dr. William Osgood and Dr. Deborah Osgood, founders of Knowledge Institute and experts in entrepreneurial education and venture development. The Osgood’s have helped millions of individuals to start, grow and succeed in business for over four decades.

By attending this event, you will understand and be able to use available tools, programs and resources to support your success as a Native American Business. Emerging Self-Employment and Growing Small and Mid-Size Business (SMB) participants will explore different avenues to competing for government contracts at the local, state, and federal level.

For More Information and Event Registration go to or call Charelle Beatty at 406-750-9976 or 406-454-5732.

Flyer here:  Small Business Training MT ND 2013


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