Mandaree Enterprise Corporation

When Clarence O’Berry graduated high school, he had no idea what he wanted to do.  He certainly didn’t know that one day he would lead a multi-million dollar corporation.

“I took a carpentry course in college, and started my own carpentry business doing side jobs while I was in school,” says O’Berry, reflecting on his beginnings as an entrepreneur.  His business quickly grew and he earned a reputation as someone known for doing quality work and getting the job done.  This reputation served him well as he was recruited to head Mandaree Enterprise Corporation in Mandaree, ND.

O’Berry, CEO of Mandaree Enterprise Corporation, now oversees ten business entities with operations all over the globe that range from electronic component manufacturing to engineering to medical claims processing.  “We’re pretty diversified,” says O’Berry.  “One of the keys to our success is not putting all our eggs in one basket.”

A great majority of the profits generated by the company are reinvested right back into the company and the surrounding community.  “We donate to a lot of causes here,” says O’Berry, referring to the tribal communities in and around Mandaree.  “We primarily reinvest profits back into our business to grow the operation, give better benefits to our employees and diversify, and we’re a stronger business because of it.”

O’Berry sees great opportunity for Native-owned businesses in today’s economy.  “There are so many ways to leverage the resources you have,” says O’Berry.  “It takes persistence, and you will get turned down a lot, but the benefits are huge.”


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