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Marketing Micro-Grants

The purpose of the NDIBA marketing grant program is to support the growth of your business. The grant gives your business an opportunity to expand into new markets, launch a new product or service, create an online presence, and much more.

Funded through the Northwest Area Foundation, this program provides micro-grants between $500-1,000 per project to qualifying businesses. Grant applications and awards will be reviewed by the North Dakota Indian Business Alliance. NDIBA and the Northwest Area Foundation will determine (at their sole discretion) the recipient(s) of the grant and the amount of the award. Grants are typically awarded within 4-6 weeks following the date of the grant application.

Half of the grant will be issued upon the award decision. The remaining half will be issued upon completion of the projects and accompanying invoices/documentation.

Grant Application Guidelines

  • Grant applications are accepted all year round.
  • The following types of projects may be eligible for the grant, but not limited to: Branding (Logo, Taglines, Stationery, etc.), Graphic Design, Communications and Marketing Plans, New product launches, Advertising, Research, Event planning, Public Relations, Writing, Infographics, and Online Marketing Services (Social Media Development, Website Development, Mobile Site Development, Mobile Apps, Video Production and Search Engine Marketing).
  • This grant award is only available to businesses owned and operated by North Dakota tribes or tribal members.
  • The grant award and services may not be assigned or used for purposes other than the approved project(s).
  • The information contained in all submissions is confidential.
  • The award recipients grant NDIBA permission to feature the funded projects in newsletters, news releases and/ or website postings.
  • The grant is a one-time award and does not require the award recipient to match or pay back any of the awarded funds.

Grant Application

Please complete the form below to be considered for a grant.

  • Examples: Business growth, expansion into new markets, launch a new product or service
  • Examples: Brochure, Web services, social media
  • $500-$1000 limit
  • Examples: Increase in market share, visits to website


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