The Other Bakken Boom

“At the start of this year, Fort Berthold’s 172 wells produced 2.5 million barrels a month. Altogether, they have generated more than 26 million barrels, earning the tribal nation roughly $330 million, two-thirds of which has gone to individual mineral owners. Industry will drill a thousand more wells in the next five years, with payouts in the billions — more than any Western Indian nation has seen in that short a time. “We are of the firm belief we will become more sovereign by the barrel,” Tribal Chairman Tex Hall told the North Dakota Legislature in January 2011. This was the tribe’s chance, he said, to break free at last from its reliance on the federal government.
The question is whether it can do so before the boom ends.”

Excerpt from article “The Other Bakken Boom: America’s biggest oil rush bring tribal conflict” from High Country News. Read the entire article here.


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